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Visitor Reviews 2001
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Spanna Anna (U.K.ized)
Vol e Voov?!

Last year my voovirginity was taken. It started with driving into the massive camping grounds, a slow steady seduction as I started to make myself at home in the fields of likeminded people. The size of it all scared me a little bit at first (remember I was, or am, not the most experienced of amsterdamadam's)... massive everything it was, but with big comes beautiful and with likeminded people comes friends. I ended up in one of the teepees behind the main stage, not as romantic as in a mellow sunset with your lover on fluffy fur, but hey - there and then a sweaty sleepingbag on hay in a smoky hut behind the ??K rigg was like a 5* Hammering Hilton!

I try not to have expectations to avoid disappointmens and that whole old malaki. But after the first day gazing up the sky wondering if we were going to get rain or sunshine, I realized I had had expectations. I thought this would be a full-on-hardcore-three-day-non-stop-no-shower kind of event. This was not my case. It was a German field holiday! I absolutely love the safe village feel environment that can be created at these parties. Just popping out from your tent, skipping down the field to nearest food stall (food being my 3rd passion in life I can tell you they were many and they were good!) stopping off for a boogie in-between is great stuff! The small tent was brilliant, great music and many bums to milkshake with. Main rigg was impressive, and excellent for one-night-'avin-it-large, we were all stomping until fat raindrops no longer could hold on to the sky, but instead of cooling us down it gave us new energy and we shook the sun back out again!

Next time I'll remember: to never ever let anyone I see walk around barefoot!! Don't even think you can spot glass in grass even with your best goggles - and if you don't spot it you're very likely to step on it and if you step on it you're not far from beeing taken for a ride by the St. John's. I'm sure it's good they are there, but as they are following orders and regulations they have a tendency to overreact (I think they might get some kind of insurance money for any mishaps as well... which I suppose is their incentive to overreact). My beloved did what you shouldn't do and had to limp over to get a broken beerbottle pulled out of his heel. Yes, it was deep, but it was not a job for a surgeon! Great day suddently turned into hospital scare... finally we managed to wrangle our way out of it all, but it did definetely put a stop to the dancing.

It is always easy to complain and maybe I had one or two more winges at some point during the days we were there, one being the line-up (but how to please everyone? And ain't it good we don't all like salty liqourice?!). Overall and in general these days were great stuff, living up to its reputation based on each and everyone who's been there and done that individual memories. This was my memory a year after it happened. I'm hoping to be able to come back and collect another one this year - and this time with 1 VooV Experience in my backpack I already feel excited about the thought! (There you go - I'm stuck with my expectations!)
Spanna Anna

Ihr habt es mal wieder geschafft uns alle in den Bann zu ziehen und zu verzaubern. Durchweg steht die gleiche Meinung, dass haben wir noch nicht erlebt. Wir freuen uns auf ein Wiedersehen im n©­chsten Jahr. Alles gute

Andreas Benkelberg
Super gute Party. macht weiter so. euer beleuchteter Wald war der absolute hit. euer Kinderbetreuung einen besonderen Dank von meiner Tochter Gina die dort einen wunderschönen Tag erlebt hat. fazit: auf alle Fälle werde ich die VOOV weiterempfehlen, und habe selbst schon ein Kreuz im Kalender für das nächste Jahr gemacht VOOV 2002.

Jamie Scott-long
I want to personally thank all at voov experience.de and those who organised the bash for such an amazing festival,...truly a triumph of epic proportions !!!! The group of people that i went with certainly where amazed by the whole thing ,....the live acts where incredible,...the lightshows phenominally mesmeric and mind bogglingly wicked,....the music sensational,......and the general atmosphere better than we could have ever imagined !!!!I have never been to a festival with such a friendly and carefree atmosphere before,....and although this must say alot about trance lovers,...it also says huge amounts about the incredible amounts of organisation that must have gone into making it such a wonderful event !!! So i am sorry to go on about it so much but it just was soooo good!!!! And believe me as long as the next one is not held on another planet i will certainly be sure to be there !!!!! So thank you all at voov-experience once again and may all your days shine with happiness!!!! cheers,.. Jamie Scott-long a.k.a.- Sparkypants Cambridge, England and Dido Heyde (Bristol- England)

Caroline Claire Ward.
I honestly now can understand why it is called an experience, because i have had the experience of a life time and i wont ever forget it. the music the sounds, the amazing hoardes of beautiful people from accross the globe all grooving together in the delicious cornfields of eastern-ish germany. and the astounding AUM of the people connecting to each other on the dancefloor on sunday morning when it began to rain, and all of the cheers rising from the upturned smiling faces with wet clothes and dirty shoes and the realness of the people dancing like they dont care who sees them. where thousands of people all cometogether and forget about caring what they look like and what colour they are and where they come from. the respect going out and coming in and radiating from every person. something not everyone gets to experience or feel in their lifetimes, and i am lucky enough to say that I have.
thankyou. aroha utu aroha mai, nkululeko,