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DJ RajaRam (London)
Wow what can one say about the Voov....after 17 parties in Brazil, Shpongle live on Mt Fuji, Mexico, NYC at the - Roxy,Womad,etc.... all of these were put back in the distance compared to the VooV Experience. This was my first experience at the VooV Experience, and imagine my joy when Antaro asked me to play on the Sat night. The system, the visuals, the people, the love and excitement, and organizationary skills and expertise, was simply dazzling, and everything flowed so beautifully, and what a party. The people who came were so great...and one met many old friends from the past and the future, Goa flashbacks, different people from all over the world. Frothing with enjoyment and vitality... all against the background of that beautiful countryside, and the music, cascading sounds of the universe. propelling us into the realm that we belong,confirming everything that we have believed in and just letting the moments run over us like a waterfall of bliss......I cannot remember in 1000 parties having such a laugh...such fun...such happiness to meet and greet and play and dance...... everyone did so well... especially Antaro who is a giant on stilts, a seer a visionary who is totally relaxed and cool,and even when things went a bit weird at times, Antaro was there sorting it out along with Scotty and Gaby and many other dedicated workers, brilliant... We loved our accomadation, the free food that was constantly available, but most of all the feeling that we were truly welcome at the is world festival and everyone was sharing what they could, the music the vibe, the love and the hope that we have come of age after these first ten years or so, and now we are convinced that we are all truly special and that we have broken thru to another level, in the developement of human consciousness and expansion. The music has saved us.... We are injected with the spirit of the magic line between technology and shamanism, blurring the boudries we see that everything is possible thru music and love and supreme effort. We shall go to greater things if we work together, and you have shown us again the way. This experience at the VooV Experience,was a coming of age, an initiation, a right of passage, entering a new era, which is now setting the standard for the days to come. We are all the psychedelic warriors pushing into this new dimension, and together we will succeed, onwards upwards fowards deeper higher, bursting into the world of the spirits. A million thanks is not enough, and if I die today, I will go happy.after being at this years VooV Experience..... bows greetings and smiles oms and ahs
RajaRam LOVE to Yall

DJ Nirav (Australia)
Playing at Voov-Experience was one of my European highlights, it had been a dream for years.

DJ Tristan ( U.K.)
Well, what to say? the voov is the Daddy of all trance parties; so when i was asked to play it was with a healthy mixture of excitement and trepidation (nervousness) that i felt for several weeks before the festival. and of course it did not disappoint a huge amorphous, swirling dervish of trancers, freaks, party-heads and beautiful people gathered together to celebrate at one of the most developed parties in the world. what more can i say? just BE THERE!
xxx TRISTAN*****

DJ Mark Allen (U.K.)
It was a joy to play at the 7th Voov. It is the Kumba Mela of Trance Music, bringing together thousands of people from all over the world for a first class production. Don't miss it !

Loic - Total Eclipse (France)
it must have been in 1995 but i remember exactly how it felt as we launched the music at Midnite with at least 5000 people in front of us screaming in order to get a beat....
When we pressed the start button of our good old Atari computer it was like an explosion of sound but half of it was the extatic outburst of the crowd itself, who started shouting even louder than before! The sound system was amazing and the global vibe wiped away all stress and fear as we were lifted from the ground!!! We were the only live act programmed on that year and we definitely never experience anything else like that during our performances.

DJ Zoo-B (Israel)
for me as a dj and trance lover the 9th voov was one of the bigest expriance of my life,from all the festivales i been in my life this was the bigest sound system i ever hold in my life,and one of the largest dance floors i ever had. As an Israeli dj it was also en expriance to play for the german crowd that i think are the most exprinced with the trance music. Bottom line excllent festival and i wish i had one like this over hear in israel...
zoob/usta-krembo the shop

DJanes Xanu and Ilka (Germany)
the voov is always a great gathering and the best way to see all the other word wide friends. And so ist not too bad that the music has not allways the same level as the party people and the environment. we love it.
xanu & ilka

DJ Harimurti (Australia)
For me it felt always special to play at the Voov-Experience. It has this special vibe which is beyond party, beyond music..........even beyond DJaying. My whole big family is there and it's just great to be part of such a big family. No matter if I have been there as a DJ, a helper or just as a guest..........being there is what matters.

DJ Morgan (Sweden)
"The VooV XP can not be experienced by words, but to be part of the whole energy flow, you have to try it at least once with no closed senses..."

DJanes Ann Joy & La Nina (Germany)
the voov experience 2000 was such a great experience for both of us... perfect weather, a lovely location and wonderful people from all over the world,- great!
with the voov we started our summer-tour last year - it was the magnificent beginning of a fantastic and beautiful summertime! it was real fun for us to play our sound in the tent, while the new day was dawning, so.... thanx again for the invitation! we'll keep that experience in mind forever...
all the best,

Greg Coyle (Transient + Automatic Records, London)
Germany being centrally located in Europe is probably the best place to hold an international trance party. And since the Voov has been going now a mammouth 10 years,it is, THE best international Trance party in the world. For the past 6 years I have been taking the trip across the English channel to attend, too what I consider the pinnacle of the Trance Calander. 2001 was by far the best so far. Usually I expect to meet friends from around Europe, the kind you only get to see once a year but this year people from all over the Globe I havn't seen in years where there. It is this kind of vibe that they create that makes it an unmissable party. From the huge surround sound system on the main floor to the wall of speakers on the second floor and the village of markets providing practually anything you want. Feilds of tents and flocks of people, this is an occasion you should not miss........I know I won't.