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* 1967 is a painter from Hamburg/ Germany, performing deco art since '89. Throughout the years she worked for almost any trance festival in Europe, as well as for various clubs. Some of the events were: VooV-Experience (Germany), Solipse '99 (Hungary), Tachion (Germany), Arvikal Festivalen (Sweden), Natraj Temple (Germany), Spirit Zone Parties, Inter Zone (Swiss)...

Her favourite theme are Mandalas which she is painting in various styles and forms. The AYA MANDALA SERIES is a series of 25 paintings, which are around 2,60 meters in square,all painted in acrylic paint on canvas.

The paintings of this series are all done in reddish, yellowish colours to produce a certain warmth in the room. This installation was created to provide a space for the dancers in which the mandalas enhance the experience of exploring oneself through sound, dance and visuals.On the other hand the paintings center and relax the viever, since they are designed in a very clear, abstract way.

The techniques used are thousands of years old, rootig from sacred geometrie and they are ment to concenrate and center the human mind. All paintings are done with UV-colours but they don't necessarily need blacklight, to have great effects during daytime.

Certainly the paintings are all fireproved with “Flammex”, a professional liquid used for theater decorations. Additional to the AYA MANDALA paintings there are some 30 transparent pieces in plain fluorescent colour, ornamented with matching designs. With these it’s possible to decorate a room in the third dimension to create depth.. Hanged straight from the ceiling, they can also be used as screens for projections... The Tranceparencies are 0,90 meter to 2,50 meters in size.

Apart from the AYA MANDALA SERIES there is another set of 15 Mandalas in different colours and forms, more the classical asian style.

And last but not least a set of 30 batik backdrops, which were all crafted according to Amrisha’s designs. They show phantastic themes from fairies, dragonflies, space landscapes to flying elephants and Buddhas... They are mostly 2 meters to 3 meters in size, with the exeptional masterpiece: a 6,50 meters long painting, showing two dragons fighting about the the precious pearl of wisdom... The batik backdrops are also painted in UV-colours.

Apart from paintings there is also a stock of around 100 flags, mainly for outdoor events. The styles vary from balinese templeflags which are 5 meters long, some printed with dragons, some plain fluorescent orange and some in the typical balinese chess design in Shiva’s colours black and white.

Tibetan templeflags are also available as well as flags in plain flourescent colours painted with japanese signs.