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Sound System
The camp site is open from Thursday afternoon 3:00pm 10.08.06 until Moday evening 8:00pm 14.08.06.

The spacious camp site is equipped with all facilities needed. We take great effort to make it as convenient for you as possible: The local fire brigade will install a 4 km long water supply at the area especially for the festival. There will be around 100 portaloos, showers and water sinks.

Bring your tents and camping gear and create your individual space for a the weekend. Please always follow the instructions of the parking crew, because we only can guarantee for your safety if there is always access for the fire brigade. Please also keep in mind that no open fires or fire crackers and rockets are allowed due to the dryness of the area and the fact that we are celebrating next to a forest. There is also a beautiful public swimming pool within 10 minutes walking distance which was enjoyed by many trancers last year, they even extended their opening hours specially for us!

Please read about our recommended essential preparations to enjoy your weekend even more.