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The VooV Experience festival is a cosmos of its own, please take your time to prepare yourself for this journey. Good preparation first of all enhances the anticipation and second it guarantees a perfect party weekend. Very often its the small things, which make life much easier, if you have thought about them. Please do not just turn up. As you will stay for three days and nights outdoors, it will be smart to have the following gear at hand:
  • tent and camping gear
  • sleeping bag
  • torch
  • swimming gear
  • warm clothes for the nights
  • enough clothes to change
  • portable ashtray
  • water container
  • sun blocker
  • first aid
  • insect repellent and insect bite medicine
  • condoms
  • prescription medication
  • earplugs

Please remember to leave all those unnecessary, precious items at home, which you anyway wont need at the festival. Come with less luggage to keep yourself free for the essentials: the party, the dance, the music. The less you bring, the less you have to look after. As we will be a few thousand people camping and partying out in nature, we all have to follow a few basic rules, to keep this beautiful space in its shape. Please always remember to treat this unique piece of earth with respect!

  • plan your clothing, footwear, accommodation, food and transport.
  • no open fires! In the summer season there is high risk of fire hazards, open fires are strictly forbidden!
  • for the same reason take special care, if you are smoking. The ideal thing is, if you would collect your cigarette butts in an portable ashtray, like a film container.
  • if you really have to bring your dog with you, always take care of it. Dogs are not allowed to run free at the festival, due to the surrounding nature.
  • when you arrive and get settled, introduce yourself to your neighbours. You will share the space for quite a few days, get in touch, exchange... starting a kind of network within your neighbourhood makes your camp safe and comfortable.
  • if someone looks like he or she needs help, offer it!
  • if you need professional advice there is always the info area, the ambulance or eclipse psychedelic welfare.