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eclipse Drug Info for VooV Experience 2006
Having fun, celebrating and of course, also dance-events have been closely related with the use of drugs since the beginning of mankind.

Using drugs - regardless whether they are at the time in the respective country legal or illegal - in a self determined, well considered way on a low risk level, will relatively likely do no harm.

But using drugs on a low risk level requires profound respect :
- Respect the mighty powers dwelling in most of drugs, especially psychedelic ones
- Respect your own limits, physically and mentally
- Respect what you dare to share with your friends, partners and your community

We observe quite a number of people at parties and festivals, who don’t seem to have this respect either for themselves and for drugs and therefore are taking unnecessarily high risks.
Be Aware : Reckless drug use may lead to massive short- and / or long -term difficulties!

This year the Berlin based organisation eclipse will be working at the VooV Experience for the 5th year. We will set up a comfy chill area, were you can recline and re-create yourself with energising drinks and fruits. We also provide various brochures and information about drugs and always have an open ear for a chat or personal questions. The eclipse crew will also help and support if you or one of your companions undergoes any kind of crisis. Additionally, there are always the Red Cross medics right next to our tents, who will be available during the whole weekend.
Remember: never hesitate to offer support whenever you meet somebody, who is in need of physical or mental attendance. Ambulance and medic staff at the festival are obliged to keep their mouth shut about treatments and patients. They don’t bother to get you into trouble because you may possess drugs.

More facts:

- Illegal drugs are traded in various qualities. It is not possible for you to figure out the pureness of a drug before taking it. Due to this fact, in recent years there have occurred some undesirable overdoses, because people did underestimate the effective components. Sometimes substances contain dangerously dosed effective or additive components, which can be a high risk.
- Mixed drug use -illegal substances or alcohol - enhances the risk to suffer mental or physical breakdowns! This is especially true when temperatures are high.
- Especially for guests from abroad, for example form Scandinavia: please consider, that substances traded in Germany, very often have a higher dosage and therefore are much more potent than in your home countries, even if though they are much cheaper than back home. The high price back home is the result of the restrictive drug policy in your countries but does not reflect quality (nor does a cheap price here as a rule reflect it). Still, drugs in Germany might have a much more higher potential. Bear this in mind.
- But all foreign guests should know: The possession of Ecstasy, Amphetamine, Cocaine, LSD and also Cannabis as is ILLEGAL in Germany. You might encounter serious consequences, if you are controlled by the police under whatever circumstances and the drugs are detected on your person.
- What’s more, you might face quite uncomfortable problems if stopped while driving a car under the influence - even days after you have consumed drugs. You might loose your driving license! These days there are more and more cases of people losing their driving license, because they have been accused of having used drugs some time in the past. Present day drug tests usually don’t indicate the use of chemical drugs three days after consumption. Cannabis, however can be detected even after two weeks, minimum, sometimes even after six weeks.


If you decide to use drugs:
- Always take small dosages
- Be extremely careful if mixing substances, no matter if they are legal or illegal
- Always start to try a small dosage and wait for at least one hour, because with many substances to have full effect takes that long.
- Don’t forget to drink (no alcohol or caffeine containing drinks), eat and rest regularly.

  • Offer your help and support to each other, if problems occur: take care for each other, don’t leave your friends alone. Even look after those fellow festival guests, who seem helpless and disoriented. Support each other.
  • We also want you to be aware, that each and every one of us as participants in the festival share responsibility for what happens at the VooV Experience festival.
  • eclipse as one promoter of the festival will not tolerate any kind of drug trade in our tents!
Have a wonderful VooV Experience 2006!