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Festival Schedule
Main Floor:
Saturday 11 p.m. till Sunday 2 p.m. and sunday 8 p.m. to Monday 6 a.m. a.m. As always we keep it a secret who will be playing at the event until the last minute... Visit VooV Experience's previous line ups and our review section for inspiration.

Alternative Floor:
Friday 10 p.m. through to Sunday 8 p.m. non-stop psychoactive audio and visual entertainment. With some of the best international DJ´s and live-acts.

Chill Out:
Friday 6 p.m. to Monday 12 a.m. An international line up of Djs present deliciously ambient, downbeat and psychedelic trance music.

Oriental Market:
The place to get your needs, meet friends and stroll along. It offers the full range from vegetarian food to psychedelic toys. No shops without prior written consent.

Like every year there were many nice surprises from the fantasy realm, theatre, dance, fishes and dragons on stilts... If you like to join the festival next time just bring your costumes juggling gear!

Some of the most astonishing decoration from all over the globe to offer you a special psychedelic indulgence.

Light Effects:
Nights are short but still there will be plenty of time to get guided into a world of light, spectacular colours and pyrotechnic surprises.

Sound System:
Sound is the essence!
PAM 3 D VooV Experience System (Psyfloor)
TOTEC Crystal Clear PA (Progressiv floor + Chill Out)

Camping Area:
The camp site is open from Thursday afternoon 3:00pm until Tuesday afternoon 2:00pm. Bring your own tents and camping gear and create your individual space for a the weekend.

Family Camping:
We will reserve a special area for families with kids for camping.

First Aid:
Will be available on Friday, Saturday and Sunday for your safety.

Psychedelic Welfare:
Eclipse’s psychedelic welfare offers again the complete feel-good package of chill-out, chai, drug info, massage and in some cases - friendly company for unusual states of consciousness. Read more about eclipse.

Info & Meeting Point:
The central place to get all info you need and where you can leave notes for your friends. Lost and found is also available here.
- eclipse team
- garbage deposit