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VooV Experience Crew
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On these pages we would like to thank the crew, all the people behind the scenes, who make this festival possible and who dedicate their love, energy and time to make this festival happen.

At the gate work a group of people whom everyone must just admire for the energy and patience they bring in... it's quite a task to welcome every single person, provide the basics like wristbands, info flyers and garbage bags in that stressy atmosphere... everybody wants to get in quickly and still everybody wants to tell his little story. The main spirit behind the team this year were Arpito, Carlo, Gaby, Hasya and Yuti, who spent many hours doing their very best to get everybody through that inevitable "bottleneck".
Thanx to all the people helping here: Asta, Astrid, Benjamin, Bernd, Christian, Claudia, David, Devamani, Flo, Florian, Francis, Heidi, Jascha, Kim, Liese, Linda, Lukas, Marco, Marco, Nils, Nina, Nirav, Nirava, Marco, Michele, Navid, Netty, Petra, Ramona, Rhon, Robin, Shanti, Sidharta, Urja, Tanja, Till, Vidi and Vistara.

Construction Team:
The main brains here are Thomas and Pravah.
They make sure that Scotty´s master plan is realised at the location. When the time comes to get stages in place, build fences or to put up the signs besides the roads, it's their turn. They are also part of VooV Experience from the very beginning, and they have seen anything and everything, problems are just challenges. The construction team always finds a solution.
They are supported by: Andy, Andreas, Bertold, Holger, Hubi, Michi, Paul, Pom, Ronald, Samson, Sven, Thomas and Uwe.
Pravah Thomas
Photo: Pravah & Thomas

Garden Team:
They are always the first workers on the site and they also leave only, when everyone else is already at home... Aarun, Andreas, Björn, Christofer, Flo, Florian, Franky, Stefan and Welli are giving their love and power from the very first party on. They prepare the parking spaces, setting up poles for deco, digging channels for cables and so on.
Aarun Lue Franki
Photo: Aarun, Lü, Fränki

Circus Tent Construction Team:
This bunch of very special people is helping Dirk and Arne to set up their Chill Out Tent: Kroppi, Maik, Mike, Olaf, Thomas and Thomas.

Water and Market Electricity Team:
The Waldheim Crew joined us some years ago and they must have been sent from heaven! They put on a very special Rock festival before, which was called Waldheim Festival. Now they dedicate all their knowledge and experience to VooV Experience festival. They are very professional and highly inventive in installing the whole electricity of the market area and the water supply for the whole location. Waldheim Crew are: Anna, Barney Daniel, Dirk, Eike, Frank, Heike, Karen, Kim, Mathias, Michael, Peter, Sabrina and Theo.

Klaus, Micha, Robert and Stefan are the ones who take care of one of the most important basics: the electricity for the sound systems, the visuals and the decoratiob. Needless to say how grateful we are for their reliability and their endless efforts to run the festival without any power cuts under sometimes very difficult circumstances, like we have faced this year: sixteen hours of rain on Thursday...

The first members of the security team you will come across at the festival are Klaus, Martin, Michael, Mirko and Rauf at the gate. They might look a little tough, but that's their duty...we feel really lucky that we came across this special security team because they work on a very professional level with great sensuality for sometimes a little spaced-out trance lovers. We really appreciate this cooperation which developed over many years now. They get support by a very experienced team from Berlin, who are working for the Berlin Trance scene from the very beginning: Christian, Elo, Frank, Highlander, Holz, Kaku, Mario, Micha, Obelix, Radisa, René, Spider, Walter und Zwerg.
The security of the place and all roads and paths towards it are coordinated by this remarkable couple: Sue and Sugit. They come with a huge truck which for the time of the festival is turned into an office with integrated kids playground as they usually bring along their sweet daughter Jaes... it's amazing to see how persevering and reliable they are, Sugit&´s longest shift was over 48 hours!!! You should have seen him crawling through the bushes in his bright orange camouflage suit from Canada...! Jaya, Pan, Pramod and Yash belong to the inner circle of the team and guarantee that problems are solved in a minimum of time. Sue has the talent to co-ordinate around 80 people who are checking the various entrances, it's just a pleasure to work with her. ASue big "thanx" goes to Bavaria at this point to all the young people helping us a lot by also doing all these awful shifts in the early morning and on Sunday, when everybody else is having a good time at the dance floor! Thank you all: Buggi, Christian, Christina, Conny, Conny, Dani, Daniel, Daniel, David, David, Dennis, Delia, Doris, Ernst and his survival jeep, Esther,France, Friederike, Hanni, Isabelle, Jack, Jasper, Jagmi, Jakob, Jay- Michael, Kai, Khyal, Klaus, Leela, Marie Cecil, Mario, Mario, Mario, Martin, Martina, Matthias, Nadine, Nini, Noah, Olaf, Pauline, Philipp, Ramon, Rasso, Sabrina, Sandy, Sascha, Satish, Sebastian, Soren, Susi Stefanie, Steffen, Stephan, Thorsten, Till, Tina, Ullasa, Ute, Wilfried und Yvonne.
Photo: Sue

Parking Area:
parkingAnother challenging task which was mastered by Hakan and René. They guarantee that you get your car parked in a nice place on the camping area, but also that the fire brigade has always access to the whole site. Sometimes a little patience from your side was needed but seeing the pictures taken from the airplane, you must say it looks incredible well organized. Thanx to all people taking care of it: Barbara, Christoph, Erik , Erman, Fabian, Franky, Hans, Holger, Ivo, Kobold, Lars, Matti, Michel, Peer, Pelzi, Rena, Richard, Sergej, Stephan, Timo, Tobias, Werner and Wursti.
Photos: René, Aerial View

Info Area:
The questions, the Info Area crew have answered and the names of the people, they have helped out would fill volumes already. Thank you very much: Anke, Adriana, Miriam, Tulla and Ulli

JacobMain Floor Sound System:
The quality of the sound system is most important to us, that´s why we take any effort to maximise it every year... Since 1994 PAM from Berlin is maintaining the system on the main floor and this year again, they diud an amazing job. Max, Jacob, Georg and their team are absolute sound magicians. And on top they were setting up the whole system on Thursday with non stop rain... Thanks to everyone: Alexander, André, Fabian, Holger, Julius, Lars, Stage ManagersRalf, Robert, Stephan, Timo and Tino. This year the sound system was improved by an extra set of speakers, so you got the full sound as far as toÝthe market area. The crystal clear sound was the best we ever heard! VooV Experience is maybe the only trance festival, where you can enjoy a turbo surround system... The stage management was done with lots of love for details and professionalism by André and Ralf.
Photos: Jacob & Ralf, André, Sangeet, Sally

Alternative Floor:
Since 2001 TOTEC from Hamburg runs the sound at the Alternative Floor and this year they amazed us all again with their brilliant, massive sound system. Thanx to Andreas, Antonio, Dagma, Dante, Domenique, Frank, Jan, Jörg, Jörn, Lars, Marc, Pralad, Roman, Ronny and Tanja. The stage management was done by Sangeet and Sally, all we can say is: they did a perfect job! Thanks a lot for everything!
Madelaine & Sangeet
Photo: Madelaine & Sangeet

Chill Out Floor:
This year the Chill Out was managed with great care by Nanda and Madelaine. It was a pleasure to see how much energy and and love they gave to the Chill Out Circus Tent and all the artists involved.
Photo: Nanda Pula

At VooV-Experience 2005 the whole management and organisation was done by Amrisha. The Main Floor was decorated by Jason and Tribe of Frogs from U.K. with their mind blowing inflatable objects. The amazing backdrops and the 3D stage design were done by Philip nagualcreations@hotmail.com from U.K./ Spain, one of the top artists in psychedelic UV art. Jelena and Erzemek installed a breathtaking string object close to the main dance floor. Jamin nowadays based in Sweden brought shade and colour to the Alternative Floor, complemented by new, beautiful backdrops from Swedish artist NOS. Klaus and Babsy contributed the outstanding string art objects. The fluorescent landscape wall from Christian Paradise No.9 and his friends was set up for another time. Till did the stage design this year at the Alternative Floor. At the Chill Out tent we all enjoyed a delightful mix of decoration organized by Nico. Part of his team were Jense, Michele, Paddy and Sossi. Some psychedelic backdrops were contributed by Amrisha. Margit again delighted everybody with giant soap bubbles... All bars were beautified by Krusen from Schwarzlichtkinder.

The main visual effect everyone is taking about was from Olaf, Jörg and Dieter. Their multi coloured lasers created another dimension, not only on the psychedelic dance floor, but all over the area...this show was another step into a new dimension of light effects on psychedelic trance open airs...
At the Alternative Floor Arne from Fireforce surprised us again Friday night with a new video live mix which matched the music perfectly. The second night Masterdamus from Australia showed some more innovative video mixing. Frank from Click adorned all three floors with dozens of incredible light catching metal spirals this year... Finn from Xenon transformed the whole Alternative Floor with amazing light effects.

Light Effects:
Anveshi, another long time member of the VooV Experience family, provided and installed all the beautiful light effects at the main floor together with his crew: Boris, Jochen, Kai, Lito and Michael.

At VooV-Experience 2005, we were delighted to see another incredible fire show by Champ, who is part of the festival almost since the very beginning.
The performers involved in the festival were guided by Dudy who, being a performer and promoter himself is the perfect person for this job. Zoltan came from Ibiza to blow our minds with his energetic stilt performance in his golden dragon and his new phoenix costumes. Phil from Camouflage Road Show did also a magic, professional stilt- and costume-show dressed up as spider like creature. Marcus and Michi from Austria / Ibizaare did a most amazing fire show. Daphne and Sternenkinder from Munich performed as butterflies on stilts in costumes taken from fairy tales. Martie Bear the teddy bear on stilts joined us in the last minute and pleased everyone with his cute costume.

Psychedelic Wellfare:
The compassionate crew from e-clipse around Katharina and Rüdiger deserves to be mentioned especially. The love, understanding and the professional care they offer to party people in need for it, can&´t be described with words. Their tent is the safest place on earth if you feel a bit overwhelmed by your impressions. But even in more serious cases, they give the right advice. Thank you for being around and supporting us!

Since our crew is about 400 people these days it is quite a job to keep all these hard working people happy and satisfied. It takes a lot of energy in planning and organisation and even then there are people who need to get some food at 3 o'clock in the morning!!!... Thanks to Andi, Andrea, Anna Lena, Astrid, Fabian, K”the, Katja, Maia, Pati, Sunny, Tina and Special thanx to the crew around Baron Catering who cooked for us during the weekend.

HappyMarket Area Team:
The shop area is organized with lots of patience, experience and love for details by Happy and Marco, supported by Bea, Dani, Heri, Manu, Peter, Seda, Sven and Steven. It is their merit, that the Oriental Market is one of the nicest markets of all the annual festivals.
Photo: Happy

People Involved:
Thanx to ÝNiketana (production), Axel (numbers), Jorgo and Lasse (artist shuttle), Rhon (grafix), Hauki (transport), Nili, Martin and Klaudiusz (tools and material depot), Klaus Bent and Torsten (bars), Shakti and Hanki (orange area), David ( artist accommodation, ÝPrinz and Nadine (Tepees), Biwen Mamonta (shamanism) and all DJs and Live Acts involved.
Thanx to ATA, Harimurti, Heribert, Kai Mathesdorf, Sandhan, MÄC, Joe West, André Wagner, Tommy Alles, Thomas Cramer and Wolfram for contributing the beautiful photos to this website.
The website itself is designed, created and maintained by Sarvam, thank you for giving it a fresh face!

Local Support:
Thanx to all citizens of Putlitz who showed great open mindedness and patience. The cooperation with Mr Dannemann, the major of Putlitz and with Mr. Jonel from the Ordnungsamt (City Council), the fire brigade of Putlitz and the first aid was fantastic again. Special thanks go to Heiko and Christiane, who with their incredible support, connections and dedication were a central part of the realisation of the festival this time.
Thank you Putlitz, for inviting us, participating and celebrating with us.

The Masterminds:
The two, who started VooV Experience festival around 14 years ago are DJ Antaro and DJ Scotty. Nobody ever had an idea how much this festival would grow over the years, what started as a small party of 250 people became Europe's biggest and most well known annual trance event. The idea behind this festival is still the same: the VooV-Experience is a gathering of international travellers, a meeting place for friends from all over the world. Scotty & AntaroWe had our ups and downs like you encounter in any project, but now we can say that we are one of the best teams in the world with respect for the work of everyone. Lots of psychical and physical support comes from Gaby, who is the good spirit in the organisation for a long time now and who seems to have an unlimited energy resource when it's party time. Apart from taking care for the deco, Amrisha is also helping with the production of VooV-Experience during the months previous to the festival ,at the location and after the festival. She knows all the details and talks to many people regularily. Great job!
Photo: Scotty & Antaro

Last but not least we want to tank you all for joining VooV Experience festival and creating it with your energy!