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Main Floor Sound System:
The quality of the sound system is most important to us, that's why we take any effort to maximise it every year... Since 1994 PAM from Berlin is maintaining the system on the main floor and this year they did their best job ever. The crystal clear sound was the best we ever heard - VooV Experience is one of the rare festivals were you can enjoy a turbo surround system...
Basic Approach
The design incorporates four main towers and 16 more positions in a ground-support with 23m diameter, pointing in- and outwards. In every listener position, at least 3 sources if not more can be heard. The main goal of the system was to create a virtual room with a lot of sources instead of maximum level. Major keys to success are a minimum height of 4m for any mid/high drivers and a 5-way active system plus additional motor-driven loudspeakers for frequencies below 50Hz.
  • A Martin F2 System, rounded off by 8 x Servodrive Subs was used.
  • The system has a total power of approximately 90kW.
  • The following components were used:
  • 28 x F2Top (12"/2"/Tweeter Array)
  • 40 x F2B (2 x 15" hornloaded with extremely high sensitivity)
  • 24 x FSX (2 x 18" direct)
  • 8 x Intersonics Servodrive BT7
  • All components were driven by LAB Gruppen amps.
This year, the system was rounded off by changing from conventional analog processing to GAE's DSC28 processor incorporating FIR-filters for linear phase filtering. For this purpose, the system was before measured in reflection-free environment at the TU Berlin by Anselm Goertz who developed the controller. Filter and Limiter design in the GAE processor allowed safer operation at higher levels than before.
The system was designed by Jakob Kraft first in 1995 and further developed over the years until today. Equipment and service was once again provided by PAM events, also from Berlin. The main crew this year was Ralf Metzler (Head of Sound), Timo Gesch, Holger Kniggendorf (sound technician), Georg Spickermann (Rigging/groundsupport).

Alternative Floor Sound System
Since 2001 TOTEC from Hamburg runs the sound at the Alternative Floor and they impressed us all with their brilliant, massive sound system.

Chill Out Floor
This year the Chill Out Circus Tent sound system was provided and operated by Totec. Various components created a delicately balanced, pleasing sound quality throughout the whole Chill Out Area.
- Rahe-Kraft
- Pamevents
- Anselm Goertz
- Totec