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Performances, talented artists in fairytale like costumes were always an essential part of the VooV Experience festival.

This year´s opening on the Main Floor will definitely remain unforgetable: Along to the music which was composed by Antaro and Sasha, a pyrotechnic Performance was performed by Andrea Schempp/ The Champ Fire Art according to the theme >peace<. This performance aroused deep emotions within the visitors: do you remember the moment when Beethoven´s >Freude Schöner Götterfunken< was played? This moment marked the unbelievable onset of an undescribable night at the Main Dance Floor!

Andrea was accompanied by Phil/ Camouflage Road Show, who together with his partner puzzled us dressed up as black insectoids on stilts Saturday morning...

Ralf could be seen as another essential part of the opening. He is a genius fire performer, who gives everything when playing with fire.

Callan and his partner showed up as surprise guests from Australia. They are exceptional, experienced performers who flabbergasted the audience with an excellent appearance at the Main Floor Performer´s Stage late at night.

Shortly after, we were spoilt by the show of Markus & Michi/ lightwarriors, two brothers from Austria, who dedicated themselves to fire and the related energies.

And last but not least Alsterelfe & friends turned up to please everyone with a classic, high quality group fire performance, with pois & co.

During the day time Sternenkinder with their enchanting, alluring mermaid costumes made us dream... they were also great fun in combination with Martie bear and his bear friend...
- Champ
- Callan
- Camouflage Road Show
- Light Warriors
- Alsterelfe & Friends
- Sternenkinder
- Martie Bear