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In 2004 the Main Floor was decorated with spectacular inflatable objects by Jason/ Tribe of Frog from England. The lightness and bright colours of the flowers and garlands gave a totally new, organic shape to the otherwise very technoid ground support.

Maxi/ flourelysium also ventured into new realms: his back drops showed totally different pictures, topics and colours, depending on whether they were exposed to artificial uv- or natural sun light. The decoration he did this year at VooV Experience is definitely one of his master pieces!

Close by the Main Floor Jelena and Erzemek from Poland dedicated a mobile 3d object, which sparkled with fluorescent rays through the nights. Two very special deco objects were contributed by Axel: water filled glass crystals, which during the night were illuminated by lights and during the days caught the sun rays, expressing exceptionally pure beauty.

At the Alternative Floor Jamin from N.Y. and Maë & Moa from France realised a very aesthetic deco concept, which they developed especially for this event. From Jamins brightly shining triangular sheets and Jeromes and Melanies fantastic, detailed paintings arose a dream like, delicate, harmonious space, which invited to dance and let go.

This impression was complemented by the transparent string decoration done by Babsi and Klaus, which added a very nice touch to the whole picture. Christian/ paradise No9 once again installed his mega-painting at the side of the Alternative Floor. In doing so for some dancers he surely re-awoke the most pleasant memories of previous VooV Experiences...

The Chill Out Circus Tent was dedicated completely to Felix' amazing paintings. As they dominated the whole space, it was possible to enjoy and experience these futuristic worlds in the appropriate atmosphere.

This brilliant installation was framed by Schwarzlichtkinder, who decorated the stage with beautiful fluorescent flowers.

Marc Bluschis/ Lichtraum designed the outer realms of the Chill Out, not only providing the ultimate optical transition but also pleasing shadow during the sunny days.

Tobe/ flash to be, an artist who is an active part since the very first parties. He demonstrated his experience with an excellent string star mandala in the periphery of the Chill Out, which took him days of concentrated work. He dedicated a temporary piece of art, which enabled many to enjoy timeless magic moments.
- Deko Pix 2005
- Babsi & Klaus
- Felix
- Tribe of Frog
- Jamin
- Jelena & Erzemek
- Lichtraum
- Maë & Moa
- Maxi
- Paradise No.9
- Schwarzlichtkinder
- Flash Tobe